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Tooling Options
Standard Borders
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B-14 Border
Barbed Wire
Barbed Wire Border
B-20 Border
Chain Border
Rope Border
Diamond Border
Worm Border
Indian Border
Little Basket
Little Basket Border
Little Waffle
Little Waffle Border
Wide Borders
More Examples

Click on any photo to view a larger image!
Indian Border
Indian Border with various additional tooling\design options
Floral & Leaf Pattern
Floral and Leaf Designs
Decorative Floral Pattern
Rope Border with Floral Stamp
Floral with Rope Border
Decorative Floral
Floral & Leaf  (Some Basket Stamping)
Indian Border on Swell
Barbed Wire Border w\ Oak Leaf Stamp
Floral Stamp w\ Rope Border
Oak Leaf with Barbed Wire Border
Floral with Rope Border
Oak Leaf
Oak Leaf
Oak Leaf Stamp
Oak Leaf with a Colorful Twist!
See something you like? Have a question? We have more tooling options and designs available! You will find more throughout our site on our saddle pages! As always, please feel free to contact us for more information!

Phone: 256-632-3790


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Falcon Stamp
Rose Tooling
Rose with Barbed Wire Border
Basket Stamp
Waffle Stamp
Basket Stamp
Waffle Stamp
Small Floral w\ Vine and Leaf
Small Floral w\ Vine and Leaf
Waffle Stamp with Oak leaf Design and Diamond Border
Waffle stamp w\ Oak leaf Design & Diamond Border
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